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Citizenship by investment program
Cyprus Passport to all family members

Cyprus Citizenship Program

Investors and their immediate family are granted all legal rights of EU citizens!

Obtain a passport in 90 days

No language proficiency test required

3 years later the investment can be sold

Visit 157 countries visa free

Utilise a tax efficient structuring for investor’s business

Passport to all family members

Eligibility to labor and capital movement in EU

Access to education, medical and welfare facilities

Have asylum in case of political unrest

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We will advise you on the application requirements, consider your circumstances and help identify a personalized solution in order to meet your personal objectives as well as the economic criteria.

Assistance and support at all steps

We will navigate you through the approval process: advise on investment opportunities and assist with execution, help to prepare the required documentation and the application form, undertake legal matters and due diligence, and monitor the application.

Legal services and tax planning

We will support you with the legalities of the application and approval process and beyond, including the due diligence procedure, vehicles to hold the investments, tax implications, opening of bank accounts.

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Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship: Naturalization

The legislation

In 2013, the Council of Ministers adopted the most attractive Cyprus citizenship by investment scheme for naturalization for foreign entrepreneurs which was revised on 13/09/2016. The scheme does not only provide for a foreign investor to acquire the Cypriot citizenship via an investment of €2 million; it also allows the spouse, the children (below the age of 18) as well as the financially dependent adult children of the foreign investor to acquire the Cypriot citizenship without obligation to meet any financial criteria.

Who can apply?

A non-Cypriot citizen who meets the economic criteria listed in sections I and II below and has made investments in Cyprus as per section I, either:

  • Personally
  • Through a company in which he/she participates as a shareholder
  • Or the applicant is a high ranking senior manager of a Cypriot Company and receives remuneration which generates Republic tax revenue of at least €100,000 (approx. €125,000 p.a) for a 3 year period and has executed all tax payments to the state

Economic criteria and other requirements

Investment types

Investment in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects

The applicant must have invested at least €2 million for the purchase or construction of buildings or for the construction of land development projects (residential or commercial in the tourism sector or other infrastructure projects).

Purchase or creation or participation in Cypriot businesses or companies

The applicant must have invested at least €2 million in the purchase, creation or participation in businesses or companies that are based and are operating in the Republic. These businesses or companies should have a tangible presence in Cyprus and at least five (5) employees being Cypriot or European Union citizens.

Investment in Alternative Investment Funds registered in Cyprus

The applicant must have purchased financial assets of at least €2 million in an organisation of alternative investment funds (AIFs) registered and active in Cyprus.

Combination of the aforementioned investments, including state bonds

Combination of the aforementioned criteria amounting to at least €2 million. In such case the investor has the option of purchasing state bonds up to the amount of €500,000.

Additional requirements

The applicant must additionally have:

  • Clean criminal record
  • Personal immovable property in the Republic of Cyprus: In all cases listed in the above section (Investment Types), the applicant must hold a permanent privately-owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus, the purchase price of which must be at least €500.000, plus V.A.T.

Note: members of the same family, who apply separately as investors, can collectively acquire a residence, provided that the total value of the declared home-property amounts to €500.000 per applicant.

  • The applicant must have a permanent residence permit.

Note: The applicant can apply for the permanent residence permit simultaneously with the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship application.


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The procedure of obtaining the Cyprus (EU) Citizenship

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Considering investment opportunities and selecting the most effective option

Preparation of application document pack

Investment execution and, where applicable, acquisition of personal immovable property

Submission of the application

Receiving the Certificate of Naturalization and naturalization of the family members

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Frequently Asked Questions

General matters

What is the time frame for the examination of an application?

Approximately three months.

Should investments be necessarily made by the investor personally or can they be made through company/companies of the investor or an investment fund or an investment foundation?

An investment through a company or fund or foundation is eligible, provided that there is a proven correlation between the investor and the company or fund or foundation.

What conditions must be met, so that a high – ranking senior manager of a company/ companies may apply for Naturalization on the basis of this Scheme?

The company/ companies employing the manager must have completed such an investment in Cyprus that meets one of the economic criteria stipulated in the Decision of the Council of Ministers. If and when the investment is completed the executive may apply for Naturalization provided that he/she has paid or prepaid an income tax amounting to €100.000 for a three-year period and has acquired a permanent residence of purchase value at least €500.000.

Investment in real estate, land development, and infrastructure projects

Is the purchase of land included in the criterion?

This criterion includes investments for the purchase or construction of buildings, or other land developments (residential or commercial developments, in the tourism sector or other infrastructure projects). Therefore, purchase of land cannot be interpreted broadly and the restriction concerning the purchase of land has not been lifted.

Is the VAT included in the amount of the €2 million investment or in the amount of the €500.000 purchase value of the privately-owned residence?

The VAT is neither included in the amount of €2 million for the “Direct Investments”, nor in the amount of €500.000 required as a minimum purchase value of the privately-owned residence.

In the case of purchase of real estate are transfer duties included in the amount of the €2 million investment?

The transfer duties are not included in the amount of the investment, as no other charges or taxes are.

If there is a difference between the market value and the purchase value of a real estate, which amount is taken into consideration?

The purchase value.

Would a real estate sold for a second time be considered as an investment for the purposes of applying for citizenship?

According to the contents of the Council of Ministers’ Decision, the eligible investment is not limited to properties purchased for the first time.

Purchase or creation or participation in Cypriot businesses or companies

What do tangible presence of companies or businesses in Cyprus mean?

The companies or businesses in which the applicant shall invest must maintain offices in Cyprus.

How is the creation or participation in the companies/ businesses proven?

The creation or participation is proven by the purchase of the company’s or business’ shares, either existing shares, or through capital increase.

Terms and conditions explained

Is the purchase value of the privately – owned residence included in the investment or is it additional?

The purchase value of the privately-owned residence of the investor in Cyprus is not included in the minimum investment but is rather it is additional.

However, if an applicant decides to invest in the purchase of a privately – owned residence solely at the amount €2 million he/ she is not obliged to buy another privately – owned residence of purchase value €500.000.

Can the investor rent to someone else his/ her privately-owned residence?


Can the investor sell his/ her privately-owned residence and purchase a different one of the same or higher purchase value?

Yes, provided that he/she will buy a different residence of equal or higher purchase value.

To what degree of relation can applicant –relatives, members of the same family, purchase the same privately-owned residence?

To the second degree