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Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law

We are able to help you to protect properly your intellectual property (IP) in the challenging national and international business environment.

We will support you in the following IP matters:

  • Patent, trademark and copyright litigation
  • Copyright-based agreements
  • IP risk assessment
  • Advice on best practice use and protection of IP
  • Patent licensing and cross-licensing
  • Advertising

Furthermore, we can help you benefit from the recent amendments to the Income Tax Law which relate to the tax regime of intellectual property assets are of particular importance to IP owners:

  • Exemption of profits from the exploitation of the intangible assets: 80% of such profits (including any compensation for infringement) is treated as an expense and thus disregarded for tax purposes*
  • Exemption of profits from the disposal (i.e. royalties) or from sale of the intangible assets, after the deduction of the expenses to acquire or develop the asset: 80% of such profits is treated as an expense and thus disregarded for tax purposes. Thus, only 20% of the royalties or proceeds from the sale of an intellectual property asset are taxable.*

*These provisions apply in cases where the intellectual property asset is recognised as an asset in the balance sheet of the Cyprus Company.